Soulfood Momma on a Weight-loss Journey

I am a Mother, and a Wife, so with that being said, I have a very hectic life trying to manage my family and work life. I have never been a small girl, and always looked for ways to loose weight. I could always drop a few pounds really fast, but in a few weeks they were always back, with a few extra pounds😒. In 2012, I got married, by December of 2012 I was at my all time high of 265 poundsNICOLEPLAYTOY - WIN_20141018_190344. It was time to make a change. On January 6, 2013 I made the change of my life, and got off my butt, and started moving. I worked out, and have not stopped yet. I have alot of weight to still loose, I am currently at 214 poundsWIN_20140913_172417 (2).
Although at times I want to give up, I must keep moving in my journey. I have traded my Size 22 pants for a 16, and excitedly got into a pair of 14 jeans on yesterday. So come join me on my life journey, there will be lots of Up’s, and downs, lots of funny moments, and not so funny moments, but the end results are always Great.


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