How do you Measure your Weight Loss????

This morning I stepped on my scale and to my dismay…I have gained 4 pounds😠. This is my weigh in day, and I rally don’t need to 4 pounds heavier. I usually weigh myself every morning, after I wake up, before I eat my breakfast. However last week I skipped out on my daily weigh -ins, just trying something different. I am trying my best to stay accountable for my weight, due to being in a local competition, called the “Biggest Looser” at a Local Recreation Center in my Town. Monday’s are the weigh-ins, and its not looking to good for me today😒. Last week was not a good week either, I only lost 2 pounds, when I know it should have been more. Everyday, I do some kind of exercise for a least 1-2 hours. I participate in a Zumba class 3 times per week, and the other days I do the Elliptical, or Treadmill. So how is it possible that I am up by 4 pounds this week. So that brings me to a question… Which method is more accurate, Using a Scale vs. using Measurements.  Lets weigh some facts on using a scale.

  • When on a Scale it weights EVERYTHING from Muscle, Fat, Bones, Organs, Food and Water.
  • If your doing Cardio/Strenghth Training, you may be building muscle, while loosing fat, however the scale does not reflect this.

I am slowly starting to realize that the scale is NOT my friend, and maybe I should try somthing else to keep myself accountable for my weight -loss.

How do you stay accountable for your weight loss???


2 thoughts on “How do you Measure your Weight Loss????

  1. I’ve heard that if you are exercising you gain muscle weight and the weight on the scale may not show the fat loss because of that. It can be discouraging. A lot of times you can tell you are making progress by simply looking at yourself in the mirror. Just know that you are staying true to your diet and in time the scale will show the weight loss. But if you are working out and toning up your body should show that as well. So just be encouraged!

    My weight loss at times was discouraging and you plateau and find that you aren’t losing any weight for a while. But if you do what you know you need to do it WILL come off, just give it time and keep on going! 🙂 From what I have read you have already lost so much weight already, what an achievement that is and don’t give up because as soon as you do the weight will creep back on. I knew I would never be completely satisfied with how I looked until I met my weight loss goal! 🙂

    Keep it up and hope you have a great day!

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  2. Thanks so much for the encouragement, I have actually plateaued for 3 months now..what a disappointment, I have done everything I could. I gave my body a rest for 3 weeks and now I’m back on it, trying something new. Let’s hope it works😊. Thanks for reading and stopping by.


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