Weight Loss Update

So last week I was really frustrated and ready to quit my weight loss.  I had gained a lot of weight and was not too happy.  Last week I decided to go back to my old habits, in which I had lost weight with.  Eating pretty much whatever I wanted only in moderation.  I also kicked up my exercise, by using my Wii Active 2 program.  I also added one other exercise, and that is Zumba at home on YouTube, with Lauren Fitzgerald, this woman is AMAZING.  I thought my Zumba instructor was great, but Lauren is fabulous.  So aside from working out, and eating none diet food all week, I have finally seen results.  The Biggest Looser for the week is non other than…..(Drum Roll) ME!!!!!!  I lost 6 pounds this week, which was 2.6% of my body fat.  I’m really proud of myself, so now I’m at 217 pounds.  I know I can get these pounds off before Christmas, I must fit into those size 14 jeans.   I think using Wii Active is really working, I can tell a difference with using this.  Hoping and Praying for big numbers again next Monday at weight in time.

To be continued…


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