Weekley Weigh In

As I sit here munching on my Sausage Egg and Cheese McMuffin, I think about the 6 pounds that I lost last week, and how it felt so good to win the Money Pot for the week in my Biggest Looser Challenge.  This week I did not do so well.  I GAINED 1 pound.  Now…I say to myself…1 Pound is not really a lot, but to someone who weighed 267 pounds, the 1 pound gain is a lot.  I do not want to go backwards, I want to move forward.

The last two weeks have been really stressful for me, my Mom has been put back in the hospital, and things are not going very well.  There have been some other changes in our lives for the better, but it’s still been quite stressful.  So when stressful times hit, the best thing for me to do is get into the gym and work out, or go to a Zumba class, and dance my ass off.  However I have not been to a single Zumba class this week, or even hit the gym, nor have I turned on my Wii to do my Wii Active….So what do I do now?  I still have time to lose a few pounds before Mondays Weight In…I refuse to fall off the wagon due to a little stress, and change in our lives.

Last night I stumbled upon a post http://liftingbeautylife.wordpress.com/2014/11/13/a-lazy-persons-guide-to-weight-loss/ by Lifting Beauty, it was very helpful to me, because as a busy Mother and Workaholic I really don’t take the time to take care of myself as needed.  Zumba and Gym are the only times that I really have to myself.  On bad weeks like now, I have no time to myself and that adds on stress. 

Reading these tips last night made me think about some things in a whole new perspective.  There are some great tips in this post that I plan on putting to use.   The main Rule for me to follow here is Rule #1..Food Prep, I was blessed last year to the have the opportunity to work from home… of course I jumped on the “Band Wagon” and took this opportunity, however it has its down falls, and the main downfall is im able to walk into my kitchen and feast upon whatever unhealthy snacks are in there for my family.  I don’t do this a lot, but there are stressful times when this happens.  Before I came home to work I would pack my lunch the night before and be good for the day, being home I no longer feel the need to do that.  Well I think that is about to change.  By Prepping my food I was able to lose more weight, and stay accountable for everything that I put into my mouth.

Rule # 2 Is also important to me as well, im a Pasta and Sweets Freak, I love baking for my family and during the Holiday Season, im the person who makes all of the deserts, so this is not an easy thing for me to do, however if I want to lose weight I must either stay away from the homemade sweets table or eat it in moderation, and for me moderation means I can have a piece of cake…Just not the WHOLE cake.  Also recently I have discovered Gluten Free Pasta can be very tasty and also Wheat Pasta, so I have incorporated those into my diet when eating pasta, and I have even fooled my family, so they don’t even know that they are eating a kinda healthy form of pasta. 

The other rules I follow on daily basis…Water Water Water for me only, I stopped drinking sodas 2 yrs ago, I may have a soda a few times per year but it’s not often.  So im going to put these Rules in effect next week and lets see what happens, not to mention I’m getting back to Zumba class 3 times per week and my daily 1 hour gym visit.  This is a must, not a maybe.  I will get into those size 14 jeans by Christmas Day…that is my GOAL.  I’m able to get into them now, however they do not look too appealing on me right now..LoL.

I know this will be a bumpy road, however I will not be defeated by Fat.  I will conquer this and achieve my goals as I always do, it may take a few more years for me to get to a healthy place, but I will get there if the Good Lord Allows me to. 

Next Week will be a Better Week!!!




7 thoughts on “Weekley Weigh In

  1. Hi, I can really relate to your struggle as can many women. Right now I am about 65 lbs overweight and I recently tried starting an exercise program but I quit because I am a full time student, wife and mother of 4. I am disappointed in myself but I am motivated to try again. Like you said next week will be better. 🙂

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    • Wow, you also have a lot on your plate as well, and that makes it really hard to stay on track. Don’t be disappointed in yourself, lets stay MOTIVATED, and get this weight off for good. Thanks for taking the time to read my post😊

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  2. It looks like you have a great perspective! Sometimes these bumps in the road help us to refocus on important goals like sticking to water and eating sweets in moderation. Those are so difficult for me, but every day is a chance to start over! Keep up the good work!

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  3. You can do it! I’ve been losing weight too via Nutrisystem (I needed to do something easy). I’m down over 50 pounds so far (and still need to lose another 70-75), but have been plateaued for a while. Keep the faith! You can do it, and you are doing such good things for your health!

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    • Good for YOU, that is wonderful. How well do I know about the Plateau…I think I have been going thru this for about 3 months, I can not loose 17 pounds to save my life.😒 I will keep trying. Thanks for Reading.


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