Ways to Burn more Calories in your Zumba Class



Last Year I was invited to a Zumba class, and after doing roughly 15 mins I vowed that I would never come back to the class again.  My brain kept telling my body, “You can not do this.”  Thank God I did not listen to my brain, because if I did, I may not be where I am now.  One thing I look for in exercise is Fun.  Dancing to the latest hits, and burning loads of calories is AWESOME.  I am not the best dancer there is, but when I get in my Zumba mode, I turn in Beyoncé. 😅

So with that being said I have a few tips to help burn more calories in Zumba Class, I found this article awhile back and use it on daily basis.  These tips helped me, due to the fact that I found the Zumba routines where kind of hard to learn at first, but once you get the hang of it…You have it.  Hope this helps.





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