Day 6 Weight Loss Journey

I can not believe that I have stuck with this starvation diet HCG1234 Diet for 6 days, I have amazed myself.  As of my last post, I was on my last day of  the Loading Phase, well since then I have actually started my Loose Phase which is considered Phase 2.  Day1 of phase 2, I was really hungry, but able to stick to the plan. I ate a lot of tuna and chicken, and of course drank lots of water.  My weight on Day 3 was 222.0.  As of today, I am at 215.2, which is a total of 6.8 pounds lost.  I will except and be happy with that.  I am learning how to eat small portions of low-calorie foods, and it seems to be working really well.  As the days go on my hunger pains are getting less.  One problem I do have is mind control.  When its time for my family to sit down and have their dinner, my mind starts telling me to eat what they are eating, and that can be really rough.  I’m not sure how im gonna make it thru Soul Food Sunday tomorrow, I guess it will be determination.

As far as exercise goes, this week I was able to go work out on the treadmill and also lifted some weights.  Now that I kinda know how this works, next week one of my main focuses will be to incorporate exercise in with this and see how well it goes.  I’m hoping to be able to return to Zumba this week, I have been working a lot trying to get ready for Christmas.  So maybe that will help with loosing some extra pounds.

To sum it up, at this moment I am very happy with this diet, I am a little hungry at times, but I have been able to curve my appetite with some mints, and water, and that seems to help a lot.  I have energy, but I am also taking B12 Vitamins also, only on days that I have had low energy levels.  I am ready to take this another week, and see how it goes.  Below you will see pics of some of my foods that I have been eating.


NICOLEPLAYTOY - WIN_20141203_131128NICOLEPLAYTOY - WIN_20141204_075244




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