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I am a Mother of three rambunctious children, two girls 15 and 8, and one boy who is my soon to be WWE Star(Watch out John Cena and Randy Orton)who is 6 yrs old.  I have been married for 2 yrs to the man who I have loved since I was 8 yrs old.  There are many things that I love, blogging has always been something that I wanted to do, and now I can add that to my list of things I have accomplished.  I am also a Jewelry Maker, I love baking, and of course cooking my “Soul Food”, there will be plenty of post about that.  I am also in the process of a transformation, I am trying to lose “A few Pounds” and have already succeeded in loosing some weight, although I have a lot more to shed, I am very proud of myself, because I have come a long way.  This blog will be about a lot of things, ranging from family outings, weight-loss tips, Natural Hair Care,  Jewelry Making, Baking, and sometimes Me just ranting and raving.  Hope you enjoy my Blog, and all comments are Welcome!!!


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