Nikki and the Wild Bunch Wrestlemania 32

This post is so very late, but I have been really busy trying to tame the Wild Bunch.  In this latest video of “Nikki and the Wild Bunch” you will see our much anticipated moment has finally arrived and we are off and on our way to Wrestlemania 32.  Hope you enjoy watching as much as we enjoyed the show.  Part 2 will be up shortly, I had to compress 5 hrs into 2 videos.  Thanks for watching and please go to our YouTube channel NED Dalton or simply type in  Nikki and the Wild Bunch and subscribe for more DITL videos.  Thanks for watching.



Nikki and The Wild Bunch..Finally made it

Hope you enjoy my short Video Diary, Im going to try to upload as much as I can on this trip, but you will see a lot of short videos as we make our way thru this fantastic trip.  Make sure you watch my other videos, and especially the one on Christmas Day.  I will post this one down below as well.  Thanks for watching, please Like and Subscribe.

Christmas Eve with Nikki and the Wild Bunch

The Holidays are always my most favorite time of the year.  This is the time to spend with Family and Friends.  So I invite you to spend a little time with My Family and I.  Hope you Enjoy.  Don’t forget to Subscribe to our Channel for more family fun.

Christmas Surprise 2 WWE Tickets

Happy Holiday Yall.  I thought I had some missing footage from Christmas Day, however I was able to find it.  This was the 1st surprise that I gave to my kids on Christmas Day, we are HUGE WWE fans, and My Dad and I have decided to take them to Wrestlemania32.   My oldest daughter and son are gonna be the most excited, my youngest is not a big fan, but she has her favorites.  Hope you enjoy watching my vlog.😆