Adventure at the Rainforest Café in Disney Springs.

Hey Yall!!!Today I have posted our first day in Orlando.  We decided to take it easy on this day, since we were still a little tired from our 10hr drive the previous day.  I had done a little research on Disney Springs and I fell in love with the Rainforest Café.  I got on my Disney World App 3 weeks before we left to try to get a dinner reservation, but was not able to find anything other than a 2pm lunch reservation, so I took it.  Needless to say, after we ate lunch that day, we were not hungry anymore for the rest of the day.  The double burger I had was simple the BEST BURGER EVER!!!!The price was expensive for our family of 6, but worth ever penny.  The atmosphere was wonderful.  Disney puts you right in the middle of the jungle with a actual Thunderstorm every 30 mins.  We all loved it.  Disney Springs was the best.  Later that evening we booked a Escape Room, at Escapeology.  We have been to a few escape rooms and still to this day we have not escaped ONE.  Lots of family fun.  Check out our Youtube video, and stay tuned for the rest of our Disney World Trip.

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Nikki and The Wild Bunch






Nikki and the Wild Bunch Wrestlemania 32

This post is so very late, but I have been really busy trying to tame the Wild Bunch.  In this latest video of “Nikki and the Wild Bunch” you will see our much anticipated moment has finally arrived and we are off and on our way to Wrestlemania 32.  Hope you enjoy watching as much as we enjoyed the show.  Part 2 will be up shortly, I had to compress 5 hrs into 2 videos.  Thanks for watching and please go to our YouTube channel NED Dalton or simply type in  Nikki and the Wild Bunch and subscribe for more DITL videos.  Thanks for watching.


Nikki and The Wild Bunch..Finally made it

Hope you enjoy my short Video Diary, Im going to try to upload as much as I can on this trip, but you will see a lot of short videos as we make our way thru this fantastic trip.  Make sure you watch my other videos, and especially the one on Christmas Day.  I will post this one down below as well.  Thanks for watching, please Like and Subscribe.