Wash and Go Hairstyle for Girls

I decided to try a wash n go on my daughters 4C Natural hair.  She has very tight curls, so I had to also use my Eco olive Styling Gel, and some other products on her hair to bring out the curls.  She is a vibrant 8 year old who loves to Rock her Natural curly hair.  Her hair is very kinky, and can get really tangled, so for the tangles I use Wet  and Wavy Detangling Spray http://www.amazon.com/WET-N-WAVY-Frizz-Free-Detangling-Spray/dp/B003VFY8XQ.  This is the best spray I have ever used.  I don’t have to use a comb to pull out those kinks either, I finger comb her hair, and the tangles are gone😉.  Once I have washed, conditioned, and oiled her hair, I section her hair and apply the gel in small sections, and also spray with the curling spray.  This style will last for up to a week, I spray daily with water, and re oil her hair everyday.

NICOLEPLAYTOY - WIN_20140824_153332 NICOLEPLAYTOY - WIN_20140824_153324 NICOLEPLAYTOY - WIN_20140824_153309 NICOLEPLAYTOY - WIN_20140824_153244

Next time I will get more closer pics.

NICOLEPLAYTOY - WIN_20141107_105734

More products that were used.